About us


Pieced together

Pieced together

Representing the unity of a range of tools and concepts, Successful Setup’s logo is combination of triangles, perfectly fitting together to form an ideal singular shape.

Double stenght

Double strength

Because using the acronym SS is not really an option, we’ve decided to double the S in our name. Smart, right 🙂

True to self

True to self

Honouring the Bulgarian origin of our founders, the main shape of the logo comes from the Bulgarian folklore. It symbolises the beginning of everything and the fertile soil, capable of birthing everything we need.



“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”
J.R. Rim


Nina Alexander, Chartered Marketer

Hi, my name is Nina

How to recognise me? You’ve probably seen me in a Starbucks somewhere around London, focusing heavily on charts, trying to interpret data, or staring blankly in a white screen and writing a sentence or two, only to delete it a minute later.

Don’t judge – I am a marketer, and this is our life. Last time I was sat in an office, I was the marketing director of a software company. Today, I am a tutor, mentor, and consultant. I work with marketing executives and managers in companies across London to assist them in structuring their activities and utilising the power of marketing.

My approach? I bridge the gap between the real world and the digital one and empower my clients, mentees, and students to make the most of digitalisation and marketing automation. I carry a mental library holding 15 years of experience and countless books, articles, studies, and research papers. And I translate theoretical knowledge into practical task lists that generate success.

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The need

In the winter of 2019, my wardrobe lacked an item I needed: a good down jacket. Like most Londoners, I couldn’t spare a week to go round shops in search of the correct one, so I decided to use the ultimate shopping tool – Google. And so I searched and searched only to find about ten different brands and nothing that catches my eye. Determined not to settle for something I’d trash next year (in line with my minimalistic approach to my wardrobe), I spent over two months researching companies until I stumbled on a brand named Kilpi. The model was the perfect skiing jacket, suitable for city life. By the end of the process, however, I had become severely annoyed by Asos, Lululemon, and a few other brands. Their access to large budgets and ability to push what I can only call aggressive advertising was putting every com­pany with a smaller budget in the sha­dows and making it virtually undiscoverable.

The problem

While analysing the situation, it became evident that the lack of money was limiting smaller companies’ access to talent and resour­ces that can put them on the digital map. This fact only meant that we, customers, can discover only those who have the means to bribe our attention. Or in other words, those who can buy good marketers. Nonetheless, my beloved field of marketing appeared to be full of jargon and thus made exclusively available to people, who have the time to spare and go through a couple of years of educational courses. The freely available information is often difficult to digest and requires a dictionary to read. Not to mention, that unless you have formal marketing education or years of experience (or both), you can’t possibly know what to focus on and what to ignore.

Small business owners often have a scattered approach, based on what someone has recommended to them. They jump on little projects within their business with all their power and energy, believing that nailing this one thing will set everything straight. And if that small project fails, they lose trust in the person that recommended it. So they go out seeking a new solution to only repeat that process until total physical and mental exhaustion.

The AHA! moment

When these thoughts could no longer sit still in my head, I tried to imagine that I know nothing about the world of digital marketing. I sat searching for ways to start a new business, and I was lost. Quite frankly, if I needed to start a business right now without knowing how to position myself online, I’d likely fail or not even start at all. It is a mess out there! Specialists use excessive marketing terminology, making their articles and courses a total snoozefest. The few “life” gurus that speak human regularly tell you that anyone can make money, but never go into too much detail. And while I do agree that everyone should put in the work, we only see as much as we know. So telling average Joe that he can get to the moon because someone else has done it isn’t going to teach him how to build a spaceship.

The decision

And so, summarising everything I know about the marketing and online worlds and the knowledge Elle possesses in optimising literally everything we decided it’s time we put this in some good use. Successful Setup is here to empower you to rise against the constant suppression of multinational corporations, who use large budgets instead of guns to kill competitors. It will take more than us and our knowhow to win the war against monopolism in industries, but as a smart person once said:

“If you change nothing, nothing changes”.