Meet Paul

Meet Paul. He is a 29-years old physiotherapist who moved to London about five years ago. His motivation was like that of many others: to build his career, meet new people, and make enough money to travel at least every other month. With Paul’s qualifications and skills, he quickly landed a job. Initially, he allowed himself a few months to settle in and find his way around London.

Fast forward five years Paul has come to realise that what he imagined life in the notorious London to be like and what it actually is, are two very different things. Instead of having thousands in savings, Paul has a few hundred pounds and a schedule that barely leaves any room for sleep. His hard-earned money goes towards his rent and the weekly visits to the local pub where he hangs out with the few friends he made. His travel dreams have found an outlet in 3 short holidays for those five years.

Paul’s business and how it all started

Although Paul loved his job, he is not particularly happy with shifts starting as early as 7 am and finishing as late as 9 pm. This shift work schedule doesn’t allow for any routine and trying to combine work and gym usually get him exhausted by the weekend.

After some consideration, Paul realised that if he wants to change something, he’ll have to gain some more freedom. To make this happen, he dropped his relaxation time in favour of freelancing. Through recommendations and an Airbnb-like app for masseurs in London, he was able to land quite a few clients of his own and increase his savings.

Sounds like he’s got everything under control. What’s the problem, then?

The main issue that Paul is facing is that he barely has any spare time at the moment. His side hustle, although going great, doesn’t generate enough cash flow to allow him to quit his main job. He’s stuck between work, his clients, gym, and occasionally travelling back to his home town.

For a while now, he has been thinking about increasing his client base. But how can he do that, when arranging each appointment requires a few messages back and forth. Multiply these seven clients a week by six texts each – the result is too much time on the phone to get the job. To top this up, not all of his clients are regular, and sometimes he ends up having a week or two without any additional income. He has no means of generating new business at the moment (except for word of mouth), doesn’t have online reviews to help him generate business, and is only on Instagram which is a great tool to keep track of his friends but doesn’t bring him any new business.

What are Paul’s limitations?

Paul wants to build his business stable, but aside from the general online knowhow, he doesn’t have any actual marketing knowledge. He doesn’t have a website and has no clue how to build one. The place he works at uses cloud software to take bookings, but the license costs are too high, but even if they weren’t a website is still required to add the online reservations code.

What needs to happen?

To move on with his business, Paul needs to find a way to generate more clients quicker and automate the scheduling of appointments without breaking the bank.

How did Paul solve his problem?

A while back, Paul met Nina at the place where he works full time. When he found out what she does for a living, he explained his problem and asked if there was an easy fix for the situation he is in. The problem-solver that she is, Nina quickly made an action plan for him and told him what he has to do, step-by-step. It involved the creation of a website and connecting his site to a CRM system which supports online booking of appointments, and integrates directly with Paul’s phone calendar.

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