Meet Mark

Mark is a 34-years old software developer turned entrepreneur living in Birmingham. He launched his startup two years ago, and so far it has all been a tremendous success. Mark and his team are about to enter an essential stage of their project – the release of the first-ever completely customised online clothing brand. The process of clothing creation has been entirely gamified through their app. Their clients select materials, designs, and more. Once they have designed the item, clothing engineers bid on the model. If the creator accepts their bid, they go ahead and make it. The purpose of Mark’s app is to give people unique clothes they’ll love, while at the same time empowering local business and craftsmen.

Sounds like a good idea. What does he need, then?

To launch his business successfully, Mark needs to hire a marketing manager who will be able to get the company to success. He suddenly realised that he has no clue what skills to seek for in the successful candidate. After all, Mark is a software developer, and he’s always thought of marketing as an overhead. He currently has a person who deals with social media and uses an agency for their advertising so they can keep the buzz around the upcoming app alive. They have collected a small database of newsletter subscri­bers, but Mark knows that things need to get integrated much better if they are to scale the business as quickly as expected.

Why don’t they do it themselves? Software developers are comfortable with the online world, right?

Like most devs, Mark is aware that he has neither the patience nor the knowledge or desire to run the marketing of the company and there’s no one on his team who’d be up to the task. Nonetheless, Mark needs to find a structured approach to digi­tal marketing quickly and to understand what experience and know-how to seek when hiring a marketing manager. In an ideal world, he’d be aware of the process and able to assist the person who gets the job.

So what happened?

Mark attended a mini Bootcamp in London and was relieved to find out that there’s indeed a digital marketing approach that follows an algorithm and makes sense to his mathematical mind. He was able to mark down the tasks that need to get done. After the Bootcamp, Mark was able to create a job description that got him over 200 resumes. After countless interviews, he found Benjamin – a marketer who had the technical know-how and hands-on approach. Ever since Mark has been able to focus on the actual app development and he’s finally approaching the release date.

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