Meet Lauren

Lauren is born in Kent and has been living in London for the past 12 years, so she’s officially a Londoner. With a diploma in hospitality management, she is the event manager for a boutique London catering business. The company runs seven restau­rants in different London landmarks, where the events she organises are usually held. Although Lauren has been doing her job successfully for the past five years, she is getting fed up with the number of spreadsheets with customer data, previous events programmes, and more.

During a recent holiday, Lauren ended up working almost full time from her hotel room. It turned out that she is the only one who can make sense of the scattered information quicky enough to deliver excellent service. Lauren recently got engaged and is now planning her wedding. She’s terrified that if she doesn’t organise things accurately, she’ll probably end up working on her honeymoon. Kate and Rupert, the business’s owners, trust her wholeheartedly to make the right decision, but Lauren doesn’t know where to begin. Although she is quite tech-savvy, she has been so busy with her day-to-day activities, that there was never any time for optimisation.

What does Lauren need?

Lauren needs to have a single database that combines client data, past events programmes, and templates. She also needs to create a project management template and a way for the entire company to be able to track what is happening with each event so that she can assign tasks to others when she’s away.

Seems like she knows what has to happen. What’s the issue?

Lauren’s main problem is that there are too many options available, and she wants to “kill a few birds with one stone”. Instead of working with a million software systems, she only wants to have a few, that are just right. Nonetheless, as busy as she is, Lauren doesn’t have the time to test out all services and ends up using the same old inefficient methods that she’s already used to.

What are Lauren’s limitations?

The only resource that Lauren is lacking is time. She is very busy at work, and the last thing she can focus on at the end of a long day is testing yet another software. Kate & Rupert are ready to invest in digitalisation, but they need to be able to understand the return of investment, and they’re waiting for Lauren to come up with suggestions.

How Lauren found help?

Lauren and Nina met at an event of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in London. Lauren had tagged along to find out a little bit more about the world of digital marketing because Kate and Rupert have been talking about amping up the business’s online presence.

It was only when Lauren started talking to Nina that she realised that all of her issues could be solved with a proper digital marketing approach. After a few meetings, Nina presented the business with a couple of tools that integrated perfectly and allowed for a single database. Lauren’s wedding is now three months away, and she has no concerns about going on that honeymoon right after.

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